Construction of Água Carioca pilot begInS!

Construction of our first pilot is underway! Situated in the Sítio Burle Marx, in the West Zone neighbourhood of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, realising this full-scale pilot is an important step in the development of the project. As well as hosting the pilot, the Sitio Burle Marx are also contributing their expertise on planting - it's great to be working alongside such local experts.

Sitio Burle Marx is the former home of Roberto Burle Marx, considered to be the most important landscape designer of the 20th century. It houses Burle Marx’s extraordinary plant collection, as well as a large part of his artistic works and his house with its furniture, art collections and personal belongings. Roberto Burle Marx was a tireless advocate of the natural environment, so it seems a fitting home for Agua Carioca, with its closed loop, natural water treatment system!