Team behind Água Carioca launch Água Paulista in São Paulo


As part of the 11th São Paulo Architecture Biennial 2017, Ooze was invited to develop Água Paulista, a project investigating the potential for local, closed-loop water cycles, using rainwater collection, natural wastewater treatment and water recycling, in the city.

With support from state water company Sabesp and Creative Industries Fund NL, Ooze set up a programme to engage with local communities and experts, and developed ‘provocative’ designs to stimulate discussion. Three events were held in December 2017 in São Paulo – a community workshop which created a graffiti map exploring closed-loop water cycles in the neighbourhood of Sapé, a decision makers workshop to interrogate implementation and management, and a lecture to provide a forum for public reflection and debate.

Enthusiasm for the potential of Água Paulista was high among the community as well as other stakeholders. Working with Sabesp and the municipality, Ooze is now looking for locations and funding for pilot projects.

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