Água Carioca team & partners


The Água Carioca Project is initiated and developed by Ooze Architects (Rotterdam, the Netherlands), in collaboration with a network of international and local partners, most notably Studio-X (GSAPP), Sitio Burle Marx and Rio Municipality.



The Ooze Team


  • Eva Pfannes
  • Sylvain Hartenberg

Team, past and present:

  • Sacha Mollaret, Kate Unsworth, Angelo Renna, Mario Campanella, Ron Steiner, Verena Balz, Shilesh Hariharan, Paula Martinez Sancho, Dirk Gonzalez, Aldolfo Estrada Vargas



Phase 1 Credits

(culminating in exhibition in Studio-X in 2014)




(Culminating in Pilot at the Sitio Roberto Burle Marx and exhibitions in Studio-X and Sitio Burle Marx, 2016-17)