Here you can find a selection of videos showing the journey of Água Carioca so far - from interviews and short animations, to full length documentaries.


Ooze architects interview | Studio-x rio

An interview from June 2016 with Ooze during the execution of the first prototype of the Agua Carioca water research; which uses constructed wetlands for treatment of water, located at the Sitio Burle Marx in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 


Agua Carioca Diarios - Full Version - 45 minutes

Agua Carioca Diarios - Short Version - 6 minutes


The film shows how a distributed system of wetlands could potentially eliminate these problems in an economical and sustainable way. It also maps a 12-week long journey that the Ooze team did to immerse themselves in the context and the realities of the city. 

The film features an animation simply explaining the constructed wetland filtering system, its implementation in the communities and gives a hint on the regional and political context around the issue of water supply and pollution of the Guanabara bay.

Inducing an abstract dialogue between different voices, spanning across a spectrum of Rio Janeiro inhabitants; users, professionals, thinkers and activists, Água Carioca diarios investigates  the problem of water supply, water management and sewage treatment.


Animation: Água Carioca diarios

A short animation explaining how Constructed Wetlands may contribute to improve water purification in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Thanks to Florian de Visser.

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