Live classrooms: education and understanding of the water cycle in schools will multiply efforts.


At the CIEP School in the favela of Mare, 900 pupils use 15m3 of water every day. The design proposal for this site combines the Água Carioca system with a communal school garden and outdoor play areas and facilities. Water storage doubles as a pavilion and rainwater harvesting takes place on the roof of an outdoor classroom. The system seamlessly integrates with the existing toilets, ensuring no barriers to using the system.

The design creates a live classroom, where the water cycle is made visible, fun and beautiful.

Population (district): 129.771

Area: 426 ha

Density: 305 POP/Ha

Water supply: CEDAE

Proposal for: 1 building|  900 pupils|  15 m3 water/day

Public buildings such as schools offer a unique opportunity to explore the potential of the system in an institutional and educational setting.

The project can help to improve environmental conditions for students as well as helping them to understand the water cycle and their position in it.