A new relationship and shared story around water is created, improving quality of place.


Salgueiro lies on the steep banks of Tijuca Forest. This proposal takes a community of approximately 160 buildings and 750 people using 106 m3 of water per day. Due to the geography of the location, the design proposal links houses in a chain, with each wetland feeding clean water to those ‘downstream’. The basic elements are adapted to the community context, forming a series of new functional green spaces throughout the neighbourhood. Steep slopes in the lower areas of the neighbourhood are terraced to create a new shared community space, with gardens and a wetland and new pedagogical spaces and community facilities such as an outdoor pavilion for events.

Population: 3.149

Area: 19,5 ha

Density: 161 POP/Ha

Water supply: CEDAE & Mountain Springs

Proposal for: 160 buildings  |  750 people  |  106 m3 water/day

Working within a smaller area of the wider favela, the research here focussed on how the system could be integrated in to a neighbourhood, creating a comprehensive and sustainable system.                                                                                    

The construction and geographical conditions in the neighbourhood offers opportunities for the Água Carioca system to exploit underused spaces (e.g. beneath buildings) and improve land conditions (e.g. through terracing of wetlands).